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After searching unsuccessfully for a desk style calendar that would hold important papers each month, Lyn Kennedy concluded one did not exist and embarked on designing one that fit her busy schedule. A former English teacher who treasures the importance of organization, she designed the first one for herself in 2006 – creating a unique monthly organizer upon which countless men and women rely. She began by sketching each month as squares on a page, in which she could write daily plans. Each page was then designed as a pocket to safely store necessary documents where they would be right at her fingertips when she needed them. Binding the pages together like a spiral notebook that closes allowed her calendar to function as a planner, accommodating the numerous items she collects each month in one easy product.

Looking back on those early years and the initial concept, Lyn said, “I wanted a calendar/planner that was simple to use, unlike so many agendas that are so complicated they require directions. I wanted a place to write notes, names and addresses.” She has been working on her calendar/planner since 2006 using the original design, but taking suggestions from customers and now she feels Pocket The Date is perfect.

By using a different color scheme and design each year, she keeps customers guessing as to what she will come up with next. From a ribbon to stripes to a chevron pattern, each year’s calendar is unique. Pocket The Date is not just a pretty and useful calendar – each is printed to handle your needs and finished with an especially durable, coated cover. It will withstand the use it will go through, and the testimonials of Pocket the Date clients attest to the durability and functionality of the product. Pocket the Date is the perfect size at 10.25 inches X 11 inches with squares large enough to write daily plans and activities. Learn how her love of organizing and combining vibrant colors and patterns inspired Lyn to create a new practical planner.


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I am a professional woman planning my wedding. Your ‘Pocket The Date’ calendar is saving my life. Thanks for such a helpful calendar.